November 2013
Configured auto dosing
25 ml of calcium 6 times per day, 4.2 ml every 4 hours
Configured auto dosing
5 ml of magnesium 1 times per day, 5 ml every 24 hours
Configured auto dosing
20 ml of alkaline 6 times per day, 3.3 ml every 4 hours
Measured Temperature at 78.9 F
Measured Salinity at 1.026 SG
Measured pH at 8.34 pH
Measured Calcium at 430 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 8.6 dKH
Measured Magnesium at 1350 ppm
Measured Phosphate at 0.00 ppm
Added Sailfin Tang
Added Clarkii Clownfish
Added Blue Throat Triggerfish
Installed Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump
Dosing by Bubble Magus
Installed Neptune Apex Controller
Controller by Aqua Medic
April 2013
Added Blue Tang
Added Kole Yellow Eye Tang
Added Bartlett's Anthias
Added Yellow Tang
Added Red Line Cleaner Shrimp
Added Blue Tuxedo Urchin
March 2013
Measured Calcium at 480 ppm
change GFO
change carbon
Measured Phosphate at 0.02 ppm
February 2013
Added Nassarius Snail
Measured Alkalinity at 8.1 dKH
Measured Nitrate at 0.00 ppm
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured Ammonia at 0.00 ppm
Measured Salinity at 1.026 SG
Measured Temperature at 78.5 F
Measured pH at 8.34 pH
Added Blue/Green Reef Chromis
Installed 40 gal. custom
Installed Coralife Turbo-Twist
UV by Coralife
Installed Eshopps s-200
Skimmer by AquaC
Installed Aqua FX 100 Micron Filter Sock 7"
Filter by Aquael
Installed Mag-Drive Utility Pump
Pump by API
Installed Eheim Jager 250w
Heater by Eheim
Installed Bulk Reef Supply GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual
Reactor by AquaC
Installed EcoTech Radion XR30w G2
Lighting by Aquael
Installed Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Lite Plus Controller
Controller by Aqua Medic
Installed EcoTech Vortech MP40w ES
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed Bulk Reef Supply 4 Stage Value RO/DI System - 75GPD
RODI by Aqua FX