September 2019
While trying to plunder around and get rid of some ants, Brandi sprayed the French doors with ant killer. She was super conscious to not spray indoors around the tank, but noticed that the aerosol was getting around the tank.
August 2019
Measured Nitrate at 3 mgL
Measured Salinity at 1.023 SG
Measured Alkalinity at 8.8 dKH
Measured Temperature at 78 F
Measured pH at 7.9 pH
Changed 5 Gallons of water
Changed 5 Gallons of water
Added Neon Dottyback
About 1 1/2”
Checked Alk, salinity, Ammonia, and Nitrates. All were within normal range. Salinity was a low at 1.023 and nitrates were elevated at 5. Moved the small Zoa colony to a rock a little closer to the light. Added a small (1/2”) Yellow and Blue Ricordea Florida to the sandbed. Removed dead astrea snail (RIP Garth).
Measured Temperature at 78 F
Measured Salinity at 1.022 SG
Measured Nitrate at 5 mgL
Measured Ammonia at 0.00 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 8.9 dKH
Added Long Tentacle Anemone
Looked bleached at the pet store. Bought him half price. Around 4”
Added Ricordea Florida
“The Cheese” Dipped for 15 min in ReVive. Bag temp floated for 30 min. All visible algae removed.
Changed 2 Gallons of water
15% Water Change
Pistol shrimp is still happy, just cruising and digging. As are the trochus snails who seem to be cleaning little spots on the rocks. Nassarius and astrea snails have not moved. Removed the astrea snail to see if he was dead, he doesn’t move but he doesn’t smell. The nassarius snails’ periscopes recoil when you try to touch them so I know they’re alive. Parameters are all doing fine, PH is still low - Around 7.8. Received the new light last night, an AI Prime. Waiting for the new test strips and light stand to arrive. Still have yet to figure out why the fish died, but we’re now leaning toward either the mysis shrimp we fed, stray voltage from the new powerhead, low PH or some kind of parasite that we couldn’t see. I’m going to RMA the powerhead, discontinue the mysis shrimp and purchase new ones, keep researching ways to raise PH without a buffer and keep the tank fallow for a few weeks.
8/7/2019 - Woke up to the YWG dead outside of the cave he shared with the pistol shrimp. Still nothing abnormal about his appearance; Same story as the clowns. Nassarius and Astrea snails still haven’t not moved. Trochus snails are still cruising and eating. Pistol shrimp is still happily digging sways. The diatom bloom in the Front/Right corner is still there and has slowly spread to the live rock.
8/6/2019 - Woke up to the two clown fish laying on the sand bed breathing heavy. The only change was adding the new acclimated snails, a Hydor 600 powerhead, and fed frozen mysis shrimp for the first time - All yesterday afternoon. No spots, not obvious physical anomalies. Tank parameters were within normal range other than PH, which was 7.4. Water level about a gallon low. Lost one clown fish a few hours later. Performed a 40% water change. Placed O2 stone into the tank. Nassarius snails are still buried, but haven’t moved. Astrea snail hasn’t moved. Pistol shrimp is happy and digging, trochus snails are all over the tank. Performed freshwater dip on the remaining clown and goby. No improvement. Lost the last clown a few hours after the first. Nassarius snails will uncover then cover themselves back up, still haven’t changed spots. Astrea snail still hasn’t moved. Goby progressively got more lethargic.