December 2013
Installed Marco Rock
Other by Aqua One
November 2013
Ordered a 240 Gallon 96 x 24 x 24 tank from Reef Savvy.Big backlog but I think will be worth the wait. Support system will be built in the garage. The plan is to use a 150 gallon stock tank as the main sump. A 40B will be used for the refugium. A big thanks to Dennis (d2mini) for a lot of good ideas on support system build out.
October 2013
tank failure last night. Front left glass cracks top to bottom. It's only a flesh wound! Recovery plans are underway.
chronzz ‐ thats insane had this happen to me on my fresh water tank at 4am. woke up to a loud sound and water gushing out it was my last freshwater tank crazy night.

anyways hows ur tank inhabitants doing, did u have any fis, coral etc.. in it, did they all survive. so sad. good luck with the recovery plans. Bigger maybe?

p.s all the fish and plants survived the disaster
billw ‐ a goby and his shrimp buddy are still mia, and some snails and crab got lost in the excitement. Otherwise all is well. Will probably come back bigger. Tank was a Red Sea Max 250 - the front left corner where the glass is bent failed.
chronzz ‐ good luck with the new build. hopefully u find the goby and his mate
billw ‐ Thanks chronzz!
Measured Magnesium at 1320 ppm
Measured Nitrate at 10 ppm
Measured pH at 8.0 pH
Algae is virtually gone. Sea hare is like a harvester. Took out about 4 sq. ft. of algae in 4days!
Measured Alkalinity at 7.4 dKH
Measured Calcium at 517 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 7.4 dKH
Added Sea Hare
To take care of a hair algae bloom