January 2015
Added Potter's Angelfish
Added Big Polyp Blastomussa Coral
Installed Neptune Apex Controller
Controller by Aqua Medic
Changed 15 Gallons of water
Cleaned glass
Cleaned skimmate
Added Rose Bulb Anemone
December 2014
Measured Nitrate at 0.00 ppm
Dosed 3 ml of Red Sea Coral Colors D
Dosed 16 ml of Red Sea Coral Colors C
something in the tank is soaking out all the iron
Dosed 12 ml of Red Sea Coral Colors B
Dosed 3 ml of Red Sea Coral Colors A
Measured Iron at 0.00 ppm
Measured Potassium at 392 ppm
Dosed 2 g of Ultra Life Red Slime Remover
dose again 36hrs later
Measured pH at 7.9 pH
Measured Calcium at 430 ppm
Measured Temperature at 78 F
Measured Iodine at 0.02 ppm
Measured Phosphate at 0.01 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 7.5 dKH
  • Upgrades and Cyano Problems
This is an update to ReefDruid's 55 gal reef system. Problems with coral and cyano growth prompted an upgrade to the new Maxspect gyre pump. Finishing off the cyano with ultra life red slime remover.

Update: the slime remove caused my protein skimmer to go f*cking haywire. mirobubble paradise even though the bubble traps turned my tank creamy white. piss colored to snow...there's a joke in there somewhere? Anyway, turned it off for 6hrs. not as bad but still bad. Tried playing with the skimmer and ended up breaking the venturi valve...oh shit! fixed it, thank god for ecotech's CG coral glue, but ordered a new one too (piss on the heads of the execs at coralife for the venturi being the only thing they sell without Amazon Prime, $9 in shipping down the drain). played with all the valves and levers and got it working, still creamy but only in the skimmer. Took several day of fussing to get back to normal. did knock back cyano. and plan on another dose in a week.
Cleaned skimmate