October 2016
Measured Alkalinity at 8.0 dKH
Cleaned Sump
Fed Reef Pearls 0.5 tsp
Cleaned Glass
Cleaned Detritus from Sump
Replaced ROX Carbon
Replaced Bio Gro Bottles
Re-Fill Dosing Containers and Check Dosing Ports
Measured Salinity at 1.025 SG
Cleaned Vortech Pumps
Cleaned Return Nozzles
Cleaned Closed Loop Pump
Cleaned Overflow Box
Cleaned Light Cover
Cleaned Skimmer Cup
Changed 30 Gallons of water
Measured Nitrate at 20 mgL
Cleaned Glass
Measured Nitrate at 20 mgL
Measured Phosphate at 0.2 mgL
Measured Magnesium at 1335 ppm
Measured Calcium at 400 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 5.8 dKH
October 2nd, 2016 - Photo Update

As I've done at the start of each month, here is a recap of the last 9 months of reefing.
Thanks for looking

September 2016
Tank is up for sale

It's with mixed emotions that I communicate that the tank is now up for sale. If interested,
here is the link to the FS thread.

We are moving to a new house in November and this tank is just too large for the new house.

September 26th, 2016 - Photo Update

It's been a week since my last update, here are a few recent shots of the tank.

Humilis meets Slimer - My ORA Slimer has made many appearances over the past 9 months but this may be the nicest shot of it yet. I love the color and detail in the slimer and then the contrast to the Purple Humils really makes it pop. Both of these corals are mounted high and get lots of light and flow.

Midnight Stag - What this coral lacks in color, it makes up for in the texture of the skin and rapid growth. I recommend you zoom in to really see the detail in this coral. I have this mounted high in the aquarium, it gets flooded with light and flow.

Deep Water Acro - This is yet another coral given to me by one of our local reefers. It looks a lot like a Myagi Tort to me. I think I have this coral a bit higher than it needs to be. If I were to lower it, I think I could pull more green out of the base.

Cherry Corals - Kick A$$ Horrida - Today's post is of a coral from Cherry Corals. I really wish that I could view this coral in the same fashion as this top down because it's pretty stunning. From the side, you miss all of that polyp goodness.

Here is a post is of my Tri Color which is a bit odd, cause it's not much of 2 colors let alone 3. It's a nice coral all the same, especially viewed top down like this.

Pearl Berry - My favorite of all time

Bio Reef Green Goblin - The greenest of green corals, the Green Goblin from Bio Reef! This is a really cool coral, actually in the anacropora family. It's truly like no other coral that I have.

September 19th, 2016 - Photo Update
It's been more than a week since my last update. I've been focusing on top down macro shots over the last week or so. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Comments, questions are always appreciated.
Thanks, for looking!

ORA Verde

ORA Red Planet - How can you not love this coral

ORA Green Planet - ORA should have named this Shagtastic, reminds me of shag carpet

The Porter - Self titled coral after one of my favorite local reefers

Jason Fox - Fox Flame

Turquoise Stag

WWC Fire Breather

ORA Purple Plasma

ORA Joe the Coral

September 13th, 2016 - Photo Update

The journal rolled over to a new page. I hate when there are not photos on every page. Here are a couple new photos. Thanks for looking.

September FTS - Living Room Side

September FTS - Hallway Side

August 2016 - Photo Recap