August 2014
Added Blastomussa Merletti
Added Chaetomorpha
Added Red Nemastoma Macroalgae
Added Water Lettuce
Installed jebao WP25
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed ASM G3 Skimmer
Skimmer by AquaC
Installed Coralife UV 9 watts
Lighting by Aquael
Installed GEO 618 Calcium Reactor
Reactor by AquaC
Installed GEO 618 Calcium Reactor
Reactor by AquaC
Installed NextReef MR1 Reactor
Reactor by AquaC
Installed back tide fuge
Installed 75 gallon sump/fuge
Installed titanium 500 watt heater
Installed BRS 5 Stage PLUS RO/DI System - 150GPD
RODI by Aqua FX
Installed Reeflo Dart/Snapper Hybrid Pump
Pump by API
Installed bean animal 1" overflow
Lighting by Aquael
Installed Reef Crystals
Salt by Aqua Medic
Installed Live Rock
Other by Aqua One
Installed Larrys Reef Services Reef Frenzy
Food by API
Installed CaribSea Arag-Alive Special Grade Live Sand
Substrate by API
Installed Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity Total Package
Additive by API
Installed Aquamaxx Phosphate Out GFO
Media by API
Measured Calcium at 420 ppm
Measured Alkalinity at 10.0 dKH
Measured Phosphate at 0.25 ppm
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured Nitrate at 2 ppm
Measured pH at 8.3 pH
Measured Ammonia at 0.00 ppm
Measured Temperature at 78 F
no chiller 165 full spectrum led
Measured Salinity at 1.023 SG
water level high will let evap to proper level and test again
Added Three Spot Domino Damselfish
Added Blue and Gold Damselfish
Added Blue Velvet Damselfish
Added Coral Beauty Angelfish
Added Columbian Shark
acclamated to marine
Added Banded Coral Shrimp
Added Red Line Cleaner Shrimp
Added Emerald Crab
Added Blue Legged Hermit Crab
Added Assassin Snail
Added Long Tentacle Anemone
Added Cauliflower Colt Coral
Added Frogspawn
Added Hammer Anchor Coral
Added Cabbage Leather Coral
1 brown 2 green
Added Thick Finger Leather Coral
Added Assorted Colored Mushroom
Added Blastomussa Merletti
Added Pulsating Xenia
Added Duncan Polyp
Added Green Lace Gorgonian
Added Chalice Coral
Added Acan Brain Coral
Added Zoanthid
Added Montipora sp
Added sponge yellow
Added Hard Tube Coco Worm
Added Plate Coral Long Tentacle
fell over and damaged himself on 8/2/14, trying to nurse back to health
Added Waving Hand Thick Stem
Installed Mars Aqua 3x 165 watt full spectrum led
Lighting by Aquael
Added Ocellaris Clownfish
Added Yellow Tang