February 2015
Changed 5 Gallons of water
Configured auto dosing
5 ml of acropower 1 times per day, 5 ml every 24 hours
Measured Salinity at 1.025 SG
745g reef crystal salt
Added Coral Beauty Angelfish
Added cardinal bangaii
Added Ocellaris Clownfish
Added Scooter Blenny
Added Lawnmower Blenny
Added Blood Red Fire Shrimp
Added Peppermint Shrimp
Installed JBJ Auto Top Off
AutoTopOff by JBJ
Installed Bubble Magus Curve 5
Skimmer by Bubble Magus
Installed SpectraPure Dual Media Reactor
Reactor by SpectraPure
Installed Cobalt Aquatics MJ-1200 Multi-Purpose Powerhead/Pump
Pump by Cobalt Aquatics
Installed deep blue 57g the edge rimless
Aquarium by Deep Blue
Installed jebao dc-3000 water pump
Pump by Jebao
Installed Hydor Koralia
Powerhead by Hydor
Installed filter sock 12pouce 200 micron
Installed jebao rw8
Powerhead by Jebao
Installed Maxspect Razor 60w 16k
Lighting by Maxspect
Installed Maxspect Razor 160w 16k
Lighting by Maxspect
Installed ViaAqua Titanium Heater
Heater by ViaAqua
Installed float switch on off for skimmer