48" Reefbrite XHO Blue Reef2Reef
This was bought as unused. Everything was still in the original packaging and everything is working perfectly.
Installed on April 30, 2017
Maxspect Gyre Advanced Controller Amazon
Installed on April 2, 2017
Neptune Apex Probe Module 2 R2R User
Installed and working. Only running a Salinity probe off of it until I can find a place to put the second temp probe.
Installed on February 28, 2017
Hamilton Cebu DFWMAS Member
Got this with 4 extra MH tubes. Installed yesterday and working like a charm. Apex controlled. Need to work on lighting schedule soon.
Installed on February 27, 2017
608 watts/hour
2 Eheim Jager Heater
Installed on February 22, 2017
300 watts/hour