Jebao Auto Dosing Pump
Installed on June 11, 2020
2 EcoTech Marine Radion XR15w G4 Pro
Lights are wonderful. The website? Complicated and confusing.
Installed on June 20, 2019
2 Coral Box QP9 Wavemakers
First 90 days: Wavemakers are frequently found not working. Have to unplug and re-plug to reboot them. As of 7-14-19, my "master" unit's control board doesn't work (not even able to enter into "feed" mode. Finally just unplugged it altogether and changed my slave unit into the master unit. I've reached out to customer service and will wait to see how that goes. But, I'm not a fan thus far. 1-11-20 Update: Same sentiments. Control boxes are shitty and constantly malfunction.
Installed on April 16, 2019
TUNZE Osmolator Automatic Water Top-Off
Excellent customer service. Had a "failure" alert after cleaning the sump. After notifying Tunze, "Roger" responded promptly and diagnosed water damage. They repaired the unit for free, although water damage is not covered under mfg warranty. Roger even called to inform me that the problem was not in the controller itself, but rather in the wiring. Was impressed that Roger was actually the one who performed the service and took the time to follow up.
Installed on April 10, 2019
Reef Octopus Essence 130 Protein Skimmer
Efficient and easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
Installed on April 3, 2019
Pro Clear Aquatic Systems
Installed on April 3, 2019
Rio Plus 2500 Pump
Installed on April 2, 2019